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NEW Elevation Jr, free standing cat tree

by Brian Turkalo
COMING SOON! 48" tall Freestanding Version of our Elevation-II   The Elevation-Jr. has the same modular architecture of the floor-to-ceiling Elev...

Customer Spotlight: Priscilla Forehand and Her Happy Life of Cats

by Brian Turkalo
There are certain people in this world who will always put others above themselves. You know the ones. A heart so big that they are inevitably the ...

My Cat From Hell Episodes Feature Cat Trees and Wall-Climbing Steps

by Brian Turkalo
We've got some great news! We just got word that ContempoCat products will be featured in three episodes of Season 8 of Animal Planet and Jackson G...

More Happy ContempoCat Customers - Ivan and Eric

by Brian Turkalo
 As you may know, here at ContempoCat we love getting follow up emails from happy customers...especially when they include photographic evidence. ...

Taking Cat Furniture to a Whole New Level with ContempoCat & Go Cat Go! Behavioral Counseling

by Brian Turkalo
Daniel of Go Cat Go! recently received our ContempoCat Elevation cat tower and completely decked it out. Check out the photos!

LitterWorks Pioneers Automatic Litter Bagging system

by Brian Turkalo
LitterWorks pioneered both the concept of the automatic litter bagging system as well as the elevated litter box.  Two ideas that really matter whe...

New Cat-Themed home products for that "Crazy Cat Person" in your life

by Brian Turkalo
Or, maybe you are your own crazy cat person?!  While our "bread and butter" are our cat climbing products and automatic litter bagging systems, we ...

LitterWorks is now part of ContempoCat!

by Brian Turkalo
ContempoCat has always designed and built spectacular (and affordable) cat trees, modular cat towers and wall-attached climbing shelves. While ...