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Customer Spotlight: Priscilla Forehand and Her Happy Life of Cats

There are certain people in this world who will always put others above themselves. You know the ones. A heart so big that they are inevitably the first to step forward and offer help to someone in need. This is how we feel about Priscilla Forehand. Priscilla has been a ContempoCat customer for many years now. We've seen her clowder grow as she cares for cats in need. She currently has 11 felines that make up her family and does such an amazing job as a cat mom...we don't know how she finds the time and energy! When bringing in her felines, Priscilla knew...

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Brian Turkalo

My Cat From Hell Episodes Feature Cat Trees and Wall-Climbing Steps

We've got some great news! We just got word that ContempoCat products will be featured in three episodes of Season 8 of Animal Planet and Jackson Galaxy's TV show, My Cat From Hell. If you haven't had a chance to watch this super entertaining and revolutionary cat behavioral program, you should really check it out. The multi-talented host Jackson Galaxy is faced with seemingly impossible cat behavioral issues, which are doing damage to the cats, their relationships with their humans, and even provoking ultimatums such as,  "It's me or the cat!" Enter Jackson, a musician by night and cat whisperer by day, with his guitar case filled with...

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More Happy ContempoCat Customers - Ivan and Eric

 As you may know, here at ContempoCat we love getting follow up emails from happy customers...especially when they include photographic evidence. Who wouldn't love to have an inbox full of incredibly adorable felines? One of our favorite stories is that of Ivan and his human, Eric. Eric and Ivan met one day last year at the local SPCA. Ivan is a three-legged cat but don't let that cause you to think differently of him. He is strong, happy and has a great personality. Here's a bit about him from his best friend:"When I met him at the SPCA at the end...

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Taking Cat Furniture to a Whole New Level with ContempoCat & Go Cat Go! Behavioral Counseling

Daniel of Go Cat Go! recently received our ContempoCat Elevation cat tower and completely decked it out. Check out the photos!

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